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3D Lights

As we all know LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights brought a thriving change in the world of lights, with this invention many switched from bulbs to LEDs. Further, as the technology kept on upgrading incandescent and fluorescent lamps were also switched. Not only have, but many innovations like 3D lamps have also been introduced.

3D lighting is the combination of techniques that are utilized to project light in a 3D environment. The lighting artists responsible for 3D lighting in animation can choose from a range of light sources, techniques, effects, and tools that suit the needs and mood of the scene. 3D lighting holds as much importance as the lighting in photography and videography. The artist responsible for lighting in the animation will place specific light sources in a way that they draw attention to a particular part of the animation.

What is a 3D illusion lamp?

It is a combination of art and technology combined to form an optical illusion that plays tricks on your eyes. One can refer to it as the best invention for displaying in the bedroom, office, living room, etc. at night or else you can use it anyway as there is a large variety of such lamps.

3D lamp lights are a truly beneficial innovation for every homeowner as they provide an impressive range. Further, these innovations are so reliable to be used as a home décor also. So, ready to explore the advantages and disadvantages of this innovation!

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